Russo Officially Out At Wilby

Patrick Russo is out at Wilby after one year.
Credit: Erin Covey/Rep-Am
We've received final word, via Mark Jaffee's report in the Republican-American, that Patrick Russo is officially out at Wilby.

This one went back and forth for a while. The rumors that he would be resigning or forced out kicked up about a month ago, but we received an email last week from the Wilby football account that Russo was staying. An email to Wilby athletic director Steve Baldwin was never returned, and he hasn't returned messages from Jaffee, either.

But Russo left a message with Jaffee that he would be resigning to focus on coaching his sons in Pop Warner football, and Wilby's principal confirmed the exit. The move will become official this week and Wilby can then post the job, which might be tough to fill from the outside with such little time until the season begins.

It's the second offseason in a row that Russo has left an NVL coaching job after doing the same at Wolcott, although that exit was earlier in the offseason. We'll see what happens with Wilby.

Make of this what you will. Some people think there's more behind it and some take it at face value. Regardless, Russo will not be on an NVL sideline this fall.

We're enjoying reading all the banter started by last thread about the Naugatuck transfers. We'll kick this thing into high gear in about 10 days (as soon as I'm back from Stamford).