Getting Closer And Closer, So We Update You

As many of you know, I'm sure, today was the start of conditioning for the teams who elected to start their fall seasons early (here's looking at you, Derby, Sacred Heart, Seymour, Watertown and Wolcott). The rest of the teams begin Monday.

If for whatever reason you decide to watch whatever happens at these practices, feel free to post something interesting.

I'll let you peruse Mark Jaffee's work (he's been all over it, like usual) over the last week to address our two main issues this summer.

UPDATE: Capuano Fills In At Wilby
Wilby will not hire a full-time coach for this season following the somewhat-unexpected-but-not-really resignation of Patrick Russo earlier this month. Wilby AD Steve Baldwin told the Rep-Am that the school will hire an interim coach in time to start conditioning Monday.

And the school did. Jaffee reports Gino Capuano will be the interim coach. Capuano formerly coached the Wilby freshmen under Chris Eckert and played and coached at Watertown.

Coggins, Martin Still Not Enrolled At Naugatuck
Coggins. Credit: Chris Massa/RA
As I mentioned in my post late last month, there was some red tape to be overcome in Sacred Heart-to-Naugatuck transfer situation. That is still the case, according to Jaffee's report today.

Xavier Woods is all set to begin practice Monday. Dave Coggins and Javon Martin are not. The issues of tuition payments and transcript releases have still not been resolved, and apparently Martin's mother (also Coggins' guardian) hasn't yet even found a place to settle in Naugatuck.

You figure Coggins and Martin have to be enrolled in a school somewhere come the end of the month, but it's anyone's guess as to which school that might be at this point.

NVL Blog Update
Hope y'all are excited because hopefully this is our last-ever post on this version of the NVL Football Blog. We'll be rolling out a new, better-than-ever version of the blog in the very near future (we're working on it as you read this). It should be pretty cool.

That's been the reason we're holding off a few days on our season previews. We plan on starting the 2012 season with a totally fresh blog. Hopefully we can start rolling out the previews (and once they start, they're going to be rapid-fire) before everyone else starts practice Monday.