What's going on, folks?

This is that really dead period of the year for you football-only-lovers. Weightlifting competitions are done and it's still about two months before most spring practices start. If anybody has anything to share, please feel free.

On another note, the real sport's season is about to kick off (baseball, for all of you who didn't get that). Should be an overall weaker year in the NVL--just like in every other sport--but a plus from that is that we should have really good open competition. Holy Cross figures to be the favorite. Woodland should be right on the Crusaders' heels. I wouldn't be surprised to see Watertown make a bit of a charge this year. And you never want to count out Seymour, even though they're most likely going to have to play the majority--if not all--of the season without Taylor Searles and Dan Perez due to previous injuries.

Since I'm not sure what exactly happened to the baseball blog, we might just have to jack this one again like we did periodically for basketball. But everybody's always looking forward to football talk, so let it rip if you've got some.

Just wanted to give a shout-out to The Voyce and NVL Statman

I see you guys here at Mohegan Sun Arena getting ready to call the Kolbe/Brookfield Class M Championship. Looking sharp, guys.