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A new thread as requested by walker.

I can't promise you this doesn't include a little bit of basketball coverage from NVLs and states, but feel free to start your own new football discussions here. I haven't heard of anything else really going on, but I'm sure some of you guys have.

NVL Weightlifting competition is March 6 at Wolcott. Spring practices start in mid-to-late May. Baseball's on the horizon with pitchers and catchers starting conditioning March 15. That's where the real sport is at.

NVL Basketball Thread

This is a football blog but I don't mind some basketball talk, being that we love the NVL, during the football off-season.

I was at the girls Pomperaug/Kolbe game this evening. Kolbe got thumped by about 30. However, the Kolbe boys pummeled Pomperaug on the road by 19 points, 69-51. I will be at a big game next week between highly-ranked Stratford vs. Kolbe (boys).

I kept an eye out on NVL scores this evening. The Holy Cross/St. Paul game was close throughout the night. Holy Cross was up by 5 at the half, 27-22. St. Paul made a run and was within one point with 1:22 left in the game, 48-47, and eventually took the lead and sealed the deal against the Crusaders. Final score was St. Paul 54 Holy Cross 51.

Ansonia won a good one against Wilby, 69-58. I saw Ansonia earlier this week at Woodland and they can shoot, especially Moe Brown. He can drain those threes like water. Sobin and Clarke are very tough inside. I think they are on the road to making states. It'll be cool if they meet Kolbe down the line in the Class S tourney. I'd love to see it...I just won't know which team to root for, haha.

Seymour was holding its own against Kennedy in the first half, only down 28-24, but Kennedy came back to put Seymour away in the second half and won big. Seymour's next stop - at Ansonia! Tuesday night!

NVL Weightlifting Competition

I'll likely be heading to Wolcott HS for the weightlifting competition.

JV Weightlifting competition will be held on March 5th at 4pm (Wolcott High School).

Varsity will take place on March 6th at 10am (Wolcott High School).

Is Wolcott the front-runner once again?

Crosby dropping St. Joe's

What's the real reason we won't see this match-up in 2010? I know that Crosby isn't the team they were in 2008 with Gondek and company. And the fact that St. Joe's had an awesome year which led to a state title...

Please don't tell me this is why Crosby decided to dump St. Joe's from its schedule.

I'd be interested in knowing who Crosby picked-up on its schedule in place of St. Joe's.

Why do YOU think this occurred? Is the answer really that obvious?