Summer Camps, Passing Leagues

July and early August are the popular times for summer football camps and passing leagues, and a good number of NVL teams are participating in either or both.

We've heard reports from several of our bloggers regarding the performances of local teams in the passing leagues. While passing leagues certainly don't directly translate into success with the seven-on-seven setting, they definitely tell us something about the skill players and potential passing attacks, as well as the secondaries of our local teams. Feel free to keep those reports coming.

There are also a number of summer camps that have already happened and will be happening soon. Perhaps the most notable camp on the schedule is the University of New Haven team camp, scheduled for Aug. 1-5 from 5:30-9 p.m. all week. Usually there are several local teams that attend this camp and it's a favorite of some of our bloggers to watch.

Remmy and I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. It's just over a month from now until fall practice starts, so it's not that far off. We'll have more threads coming as we move through the summer before we hit the time for season predictions.